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Founded in 1992 by singer-guitarists Luc Cuerrier and Randy Briand, Nothing Sacred is based in the Ottawa Valley and has performed in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and in venues across Eastern Ontario. 

A gratuitous act of good will exposed a perfectly compatible harmonic match that eventually led to the formation of a pop/rock band called Strait Shooters.  In their ten years with Strait Shooters, they completed three separate independent CD demos with their last entitled, “Strait to the Heart”.

Highlights for the band included live performances in Toronto at Ontario Place and the Mel Lastman Square, Montreal, and Westport.  Nothing Sacred has played for Canadian rock icons Rik Emmet, Doc Walker, Julian Austin and Glass Tiger.   In 2007 the band played at the induction of Canadian super band Triumph into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, during Canadian Music Week at the Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto.  The band has also performed on the popular breakfast show in Ottawa, called 'Breakfast at the New RO'. 

In “true north” form, the “dynamic duo” of the new millennium recently changed their band name to Nothing Sacred, so as to best reflect their evolution, vision and hopes for longevity.  What better way to do this than to “preserve and protect” some of the pop/rock sounds of the past, and combine them with a new prolific flair for an anxious audience in a world where Nothing is Sacred anymore.

Nothing Sacred has recently released their first major independent CD, In This World, and regularly performs throughout Ontario.  They are currently in search of a major recording label.
Luc Cuerrier
Luc’s passion for professional music and a long awaited dream to shape sounds...
Randy Briand
Canadian artist Randy Briand was a “Base Brat” born into a military family ...
Jeff Dupuis
Lead Guitar


Drummer info coming soon
Steve Severin
Player Extraordinaire



Shawn Gallant
Manager/Road Manager


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