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Luc’s passion for professional music and a long awaited dream to shape sounds of the world began upon conception.  Luc began singing before he started talking.  His parents quickly recognized that the sounds he was making in his studio-like crib indicated that this musical tot would need a guitar at age three.  It is at this very early stage of life that Luc began pouring his harmonic heart.  He knew that at age eleven, five dollar guitar lessons would be the perfect conduit to channel his outpour of such natural talent.

A native of Alexandria, Ontario, Luc was encouraged by his parents to share these talents with friends and members of the community.  He started writing songs and entered his very first contest at age twelve.  With numerous local performances, and continued support, Luc gained confidence and reflected assurance to his supporters that this young bilingual singer would one day be rock’n the world.

By the time Luc was nineteen, he moved from local solo artist and choir leader, to lead singer and guitar player in a band called “Night Vision”.  While performing, Luc perfected his English writing skills with formal literature training and degrees from Carleton University. The rest is… yet to come.

In 1992, employment brought Luc to the Ottawa Valley only to meet up with another artist, Randy Briand, flying the same pop/rock mission.  Together, the two quickly piloted the harmonic compatibility and uniqueness by forming the band Strait Shooters, and evolving this musical vessel into an orbiting class act known as…

Nothing Sacred.